Free Fire Calendar 2021

Regardless of the industry, whenever a brand receives an award, it’s a recognition that shows that the brand is doing something in the right way. For those who might be in the dark, in 2019, Google Play Store awarded its prestigious “Best Popular Vote Game” to Free Fire (a game also known as Garena Free Fire or Free Fire Battlegrounds). Free Fire is a battle royale video game developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena solely for mobile platforms (Android and iOS).

Just a couple of years after it was released (2017), Free Fire managed to record over 80 million daily active users globally while grossing over $1 billion worldwide! This all pointing to the fact that the video game is a massive hit in the gaming industry. One of the things that make Free Fire a great game to play is its comprehensive plot. When players start their gaming adventure, they find themselves in a plane flying over an island. Players have the freedom to jump at whatever point depending on how they view the ground below them. The most important thing when jumping is to land on an area that isn’t infected with too many enemies as landing around many enemies may see the player get killed before the action even starts. Another important thing is to land on an area that has a number of easily retrievable weapons.

Up to 50 players fall from a parachute onto an island. As soon as the players land on the ground, they have to hurriedly look for cover to avoid detection and possibly death. Once safe, players have to take the risk of traversing the plains in search of weapons and any other equipment that can come in handy when claiming lives. Players need also to search for medical equipment which they can use to heal themselves in case of injuries. The Ultimate objective when playing Free Fire is to be the last man standing having killed all opponents. Surviving as the last man standing however is no easy feat as the map area decreases in size as the game wears on meaning combat battles become more frequent.

Free Fire as an eSport

To cater to the needs of eSports fans, the developers of Free Fire created the Free Fire World Series (FFWS). In 2020, the Free Fire World Series was replaced by the Free Fire Continental Series owing to the Covid-19 pandemic but its returning in 2021 with a massive $2 million prize pool.

Free Fire Major Tournaments for 2021 (All events Online unless otherwise stated)

  • Free Fire World Series: May 22 – May 29 – Prize Pool ($2 000 000) – Venue – Singapore
  • Liga NFA Season 5: March 6 – June 6
  • Yomost Arena of Survival 2021 Spring: January 23 – May 4 – Prize Pool ($109 000)
  • BeePlay Free Fire League Season 2: February 15 – March 31
  • Clan War Vietnam 2021 Spring: February 20 – March 28
  • Liga Brasileira de Free Fire 2021 Series B Stage 1: February 4 – March 28