Rainbow 6 Calendar 2021

Terrorism is a challenge that’s heavily bedeviling the world today. The quest to live in a peaceful world therefore becomes difficult if not impossible owing to the actions and reactions of the terrorists. As a way of allowing players to see the difficulties that come with dealing with terrorists, Red Storm Entertainment decided to come up with a terrorist video game by the name Rainbow 6 (also known as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six).

When playing Rainbow 6, players find themselves in a world just before the 2000 millennium. During this time, NATO countries which comprise of the United States, Brazil, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Australia, Russia, and Israel come together to a roundtable with the sole intention of coming up with a concrete plan to use in fighting off the terrorists. After a decision is taken to face the terrorists militarily, the player volunteers to be the squadron leader. As the squadron leader, the player controls one team member directly. As Rainbow 6 is a tactical shooter game with more focus on stealth and tactics, the player’s aim will be to use the team member in claiming as many lives (of terrorists) as possible while evading death himself.

Rainbow 6 is played through a series of missions. At the start of each mission, as the squadron leader, the player will take time to lay out a plan on how to maneuver once on the ground. During this planning stage, the player is also given a briefing about the real situation on the ground to aid him in making right decisions. Afterwards, the player depending on the strategy he is to follow proceeds to choose the operatives to be involved in the mission, their weapons, equipment as well as camouflage. Once the action starts on the ground, any casualties that occur are permanent hence there is need to guard jealously against death. The main objective in most missions is to successfully push back and contain the terrorists and as such, doing this will mean success on the player’s front.

Rainbow 6 as an eSport

Rainbow 6 was released all the way back in 1998 and at the inception of the eSports industry; it was one of the video games to feature as an eSports. Looking forward to the year 2021, the eSports tournaments covering Rainbow 6 are as follows:

Rainbow 6 Major Tournaments for 2021 (All events Online unless otherwise stated)

  • European & Apac League 2021 Season Stage 1: March 18 – Ongoing for 7 weeks
  • Challenger League Qualifiers: TBA
  • North American League 2021 Season Stage 1: March 24 – Ongoing for 7 weeks – Venue – The Esports Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Challenger League Qualifiers: TBA
  • Latin American League 2021 Stage 1: March 1 for Brazil, March 19 for Latin America South Division and March 21 for Mexico
  • Asia-Pacific League 2021 Stage 1: March 18 – Ongoing for 7 weeks
  • Japan League 2021: March 13 – September 18
  • Korean Open Spring: March 13 – April 11
  • Rainbow Six Invitational: May (exact dates yet to be released) – Prize Pool ($3 000 000) – Venue Montreal, Canada