Valorant Calendar 2021

The video game Valorant is one of the most popular amongst video game lovers. The popularity of this video game is something of huge significance owing to the fact that the game is one of the newest entrants in the video game sphere. The official Valorant video game was released just as recent as June 2, 2020. However a beta game had been released a few months back on April 7, 2020. However, the important thing to note about Valorant is that the game developer Riot Games started the initiative to design and develop Valorant all the way back in 2014. As such, Riot Games truly took its time in developing Valorant something which explains the beauty of the game as well as its subsequent instant popularity amongst gamers.

The best description of Valorant is that it’s a free-to-play multiplayer tactical first-person hero shooter. When playing this video game, players assume the role of agents in a near future environment. Two teams go head to head with one team attacking and the other defending. The player may play in either the attacking or the defending team. As an agent, the player will be based in anyone of the map regions synonymous with different world regions. At the start of the game, each player will have a pistol and one signature ability. The player however, can acquire more weapons and abilities through the in-game economic system which awards money based on the player’s performance in the previous round.

Game Modes

Valorant can be played in five modes that is the Unrated, the Spike Rush mode, Competitive, Deathmatch and Escalation. The Unrated and the Spike Rush Mode are the two major modes with the other three all being just hybrids. The Unrated Mode is played as a best of 25 with the first team to go through 13 rounds crowned champions. The Spike Rush Mode is played as a best of 7 rounds with the first team to win 4 rounds winning the match.

Valorant as an eSport

Valorant can be played for casual purposes but also for competitive purposes. When it comes to competitive purposes, there are various tournaments that are organized throughout the year that allow players to face off and show off their gaming skills. For 2021, the Valorant tournaments that players can partake in are as follows.

Valorant Major Tournaments for 2021

Name: Champions Tour

Key Tournament Detail: This is the first ever and official international Valorant tournament organized and run by Riot Games. The tournament is a year-long circuit which ultimately culminates in the International Champions Event. 

  • Challengers Brazil (27 Feb to 6 March) – Masters Brazil (March 19 to 21)
  • Challengers Japan (March 6 to 7) – Masters  Japan (March 13 to 21)
  • Challengers Korea (March 4 to 7) – Masters Korea (March TBD)
  • Challengers CIS (March 6 to 7) – Masters CIS (March 12 to 21)
  • Challengers Turkey (March 6 to 7) – Masters Turkey (March 12 to 21)
  • Challengers Latin America (March 8 to 21)
  • Masters Southeast Asia (March TBD)
  • International Champions Event (TBD)